1. Books for people. Smart and beautiful. Clever and intelligent. Plain and cheerful. For big and small. For people. For everyone.

    The publishing house Apgāds ALI S was found in 2004. The books published since then have taken a notable place in the bookshelves of Latvian readers. Our books for children and youngsters revealing the enlightening content and the rich Latvian language are worked out in cooperation with great Latvian artists as well as very talanted young art students. This has helped us to win several remarkable prizes and earn a recognition not only in Latvia, but also abroad.

    After a short rest during the economical recession we renewed our activities in 2010, based on the same principle: less is more, and every book we have published is worth reading. We have recently started a new line in book publishing branch in Latvia – cards and card decks for leasure time and/or self examination. Books of self actualisation have been one of the priorities from the very beginning of our publishing house Apgāds ALI S.

    Hope you are eager to find more about our books, please, you are kindly welcome to explore all our books online! And also you are invited to follow us on twitter and facebook.


    From the very establishment of our publishing house we started also to provide translation services. As any foreign language opens a new world and offers sudden opportunities we highly appreciate the work of our translators of the three Baltic languages Estonian, Lithuanian and, of course, Latvian. They are qualified to translate technical texts, and thanks to our highly skilled editors, also ficton. This combination guarantees the results of the highest quality.